Awards Eligibility 2018

It’s awards season, y’all, and that means the annual eligibility posts are out and about.

I’m thrilled to look back on this last year of my professional life; I taught my first classes for adults, heard LeVar Burton read my short story to a packed live audience, hosted another successful Art & Words Show, and published five works of short fiction.

Here’s the two that I’m holding up for your awards consideration:


“The Crow Knight”Beneath Ceaseless Skies (October 2018)

Synopsis: When an invincible black crow whose presence causes emotional and physical pain haunts the Lady Loreen, her knight and best friend Ser Wynn goes beyond the kingdom to find the only weapon that can destroy it.

Short Story

“The Men Who Come From Flowers”–F&SF (September 2018)

Synopsis: Susan raises a garden of boy flowers who will one day become men; when she rescues an injured flower and takes the man as her lover, she is forced to choose between the man’s love or his life.

2nd Prize in the Selected Shorts Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize

One of my favorite writers, T.C. Boyle, chose my as-of-yet-unpublished short story “Barking Dog Nocturnal” as 2nd prize in Selected Shorts/Electric Lit’s 2016  Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize. Link to the announcement–and to read the 1st place story–here.

Awards Eligibility 2015

First, this post is late. I meant to write it sooner–I usually love reflecting back over the past year–but a death in my family slowed my writing to a terrible crawl. I’ve been avoiding much that I meant to do. But an email from Sunil Patel, an editor of Mothership Zeta, with whom I published a 2015 story, spurred me to go ahead with it. After all, late is better than never.

Writing-wise, 2015 was a good year. My biggest news: I signed with agent Ann Collette for my first novel. I also published 19 original stories, 5 reprints, and one essay for Lightspeed’s Queers Destroy Science Fiction! special issue.

I’m going to highlight the originals, all of which are eligible for Best Short Story. One of these stories, “Everything Beneath You,” is on the longlist for the British Science Fiction Association Awards; another Beneath Ceaseless Skies story, “A Careful Fire,” is on the SFWA Recommended Reading List. My humorous sex ghost story “Sleeping with Spirits” (see what I did there?) is on the Tangent Recommended Reading List.

I’m eligible for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction or Fantasy

This is my second and last year of Campbell Award eligibility. Since my eligibility period, I’ve sold a total of 35 stories and five poems (woo hoo!).

Here are some highlights:

For more info/links to my stories & poetry, click here.

When I sell a story, my partner buys me a potted plant. This is rosemary in the shape of a wreath. :D
When I sell a story, my partner buys me a potted plant. This is rosemary in the shape of a wreath. 😀

For the last three years, I have also put together the annual Art & Words Show in Fort Worth, Texas, in which I coordinate an art show involving up to 12 (mostly genre) writers and 12 visual artists in a collaborative inspirational project. The show was featured in Poets & Writers in early 2014. Each year, the show gets better and better as I learn more about how best to put it together. Currently I’m working on growing the project and finding ways to expand its reach so that the hard work of the participants will be recognized by a larger audience. Several of the works written for the show have gone on to be published; for a list of those works, visit the Art & Words page on Art on the Boulevard’s website. For more info about submissions, which are open each March, click here.

Art & Words: lots of people squeezed into one little gallery
Art & Words: lots of people squeezed into one little gallery

Who can nominate for the Campbell? WorldCon attendees of 2014, 2015, or 2016. So if you attended LonCon in 2014, are attending Sasquan in 2015, or are signed up to attend MidAmericaCon II in Kansas City in 2016, you have the ability to nominate for the Campbell.

Who else is eligible? Some of my favorite writers are also eligible: Lara Elena Donnelly (read “Chopin’s Eyes”), Carmen Maria Machado (go for “The Husband Stitch” or “Inventory”), Sam J. Miller (try “Kenneth: A User’s Manual”), Bogi Takács (“This Shall Serve as a Demarcation”). A few Art & Words participants are eligible, too: Tony Pisculli and Alisa Alering. Other names can be found here: (and oh man, I just looked over the list and there are so many awesome people on it there’s no way I can list all my favorites here).