Audio reprint, Clarkesworld Year Seven, and “Doors” illustration

I just returned from a week-long camping retreat with fellow writers Julie Day and Michael DeLuca. We viewed the Marfa lights, walked in the Big Bend hot sun, seared vegan marshmallows, and half-slept in a haunted tent. I returned sunburnt, exhausted, but inspired.

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While away, a few writing bits filled my inbox.

  • My story “An Exodus of Wings,” which originally appeared in Daily Science Fiction, has been reprinted in the audio magazine The Drabblecast. Listen to it here.
Art by Melissa McClanahan
Art by Melissa McClanahan


  • I saw a first glimpse of the art for my forthcoming story “Doors” from Interzone. I’m thrilled to see the whole issue.
Art by Richard Wagner
Art by Richard Wagner

“The Wanderers” — Clarkesworld (February 2013)

My short story “The Wanderers” appeared in the February 2013 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine.

Featured story: "The Wanderers" in Clarkesworld
Art by Yang Xueguo

First line: “We came to your planet because we knew that you, the peoples of Kill Bill and Saw and Vietnam and Columbine Massacre would understand us.”

Inspiration: Every year I put together an Art & Words Show. Although I don’t participate in the actual event, I often write stories inspired by the art work once the show is over. This story was inspired by Jennifer Stufflebeam‘s — my mom’s — entry in the first Art & Words Show (pictured below). It appeared in the February 2013 issue of Clarkesworld.

Jennifer Stufflebeam's The Wanderers

“The Wanderers” was my first professional publication, and made me eligible for the 2014 and 2015 Campbell Award.

The issue in which this story appeared was reviewed kindly by SFSignal and “The Wanderers” itself has appeared on a couple of Award Recommendation lists. Yay!

Read it for free:

Listen to it for free: