Art & Words 2016!

I’m thrilled to announce that all the Art & Words participants for 2016 have been chosen! We received an awesome amount of great work, but guest editor Jennifer Aglio and I chose a final 12 in each category.

The Art & Words Show will be on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at Art on the Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas. I hope to see you there.

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2016 Participants


Katharyn Howd Machan
Shane Halbach
Courtney Marie
Leah Tieger
Joe Milazzo
Shawna Borman
Karen Bovenmyer
Lisa Shininger
Laura Madeline Wiseman
Layla Al-Bedawi
Carrie Cuinn
Matthew Pitt


Todd Ford--Ravenous
Todd FordRavenous
Suedabeh Ewing--Revelation
Suedabeh EwingRevelation
Stacy Tompkins--Dysbarism
Stacy TompkinsDysbarism
Sherry Abbasi--Untitled
Sherry AbbasiUntitled
Kamilah_Campbell--Colonus Gentilis Exemplar
Kamilah Campbell–Colonus Gentilis Exemplar
Jennifer Stufflebeam--Diving--48 x 48
Jennifer StufflebeamDiving
James Rosin--Self Proclaimed Kings
James Rosin–Self Proclaimed Kings
Jackson Zorn--Brer Rabbit's Hooch
Jackson ZornBrer Rabbit’s Hooch
Faisal Warsani--Hanalei Bay
Faisal WarsaniHanalei Bay
Elise Techentine--Night Ride
Elise TechentineNight Ride
Bang Dang–Scribbles on Blue
Nickolai LanierFoundation

Monster Crafting

Our first Kickstarter week was strong, with us raising over $1,000! But we still have a ways to go. We’ve hit that end-of-first-week lull, and we need your help to get past it! If you can spare even $1, or know someone who can spare even $1, please donate or encourage them to donate. To help with incentive, we’re unveiling a ton of new rewards! Please take a look and donate here:

We went a little monster crazy this weekend and we came up with all kinds of cool stuff. First we have postcards from Otter Illustration. You can get one handwritten thank-you postcard for $5 or three blank postcards with your CD for $25!

For $35, we’re offering one of five hand-strung bracelets with wild animal charms (fox, coyote, bear, stag). I made these one-of-a-kind, so if you’d like a specific design, leave your request in the comments, and I’ll divvy them up first-come, first-serve.

FullSizeRenderf FullSizeRender(1) FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(4)
For $35, get a hand-painted rock monster magnet with your CD order. For $21, get a smaller, bottle-cap monster magnet.
For $40, get a hand-sewn monster pillow! Designed and made by Peter.

Or for $40, get a handmade, hand-painted clay monster musician–your choice!–with your CD package. These guys were designed and sculpted by Peter and Bonnie. You can also snag a full set for $125! Or be surprised and order the Monster Grab-Bag at $45 and get one surprise clay monster, two rock monster magnets, and three bottle-cap monster magnets.FullSizeRender(13)FullSizeRender(5)FullSizeRender(6)

  FullSizeRender(7) FullSizeRender(8) FullSizeRender(9)
Any and all donations help immensely, even if you can only give $1 or $5. Thanks!

Strange Monsters on Kickstarter

Peter and I are collaborating on an album of music and words titled Strange Monsters, up on Kickstarter for the month of July. The album will feature my stories read by actors and accompanied by Peter’s compositions, which will be played by musicians in our home studio.

The first track is available to listen to for free on the Kickstarter page:

Please donate and/or spread the word! Thanks!

Announcing Strange Monsters, a collaborative words-music album

My partner Peter and I are collaborating on an album, Strange Monsters. It will feature my stories and poems read by actors and set to music written by Peter and performed by local musicians. On July 1st we’ll publish the Kickstarter and the first track of the album (the rest has yet to be recorded, which is why we’re Kickstarting it!).

I’ve set up a page for updates, which has more information:

Art & Words Selections

I’m thrilled to announce that all the Art & Words participants have been chosen. We received an awesome amount of great work, but due to space constraints in Art on the Boulevard’s new gallery space (4919B Camp Bowie in Fort Worth), I limited myself to a strict ten. It was a difficult choice, but I’m excited to see the final show.

The Art & Words Show will be on Saturday, September 26, 2015 and will start at 6:30 PM with the reading at 7:30 PM. Drinks and light snacks will be served. I hope to see you there.

2015 Participants


Logen Cure — “Illumination”
Laura Madeline Wiseman“Crossing the Fairy Threshold” (published in Silver Blade)
Cole Dalton — “Michael the Dragonrider”
Camille Griep“Man in the Moon” (published in cahoodaloodaling)
Karen Bovenmyer“What the Dollhouse Said” (published in Devilfish Review)
Sean Robinson — “From Cala Lily and Celadon”
Holly Schofield“Off-Campus Housing” (published in AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, reprinted in Quarterreads and Meduspod)
Matthew Pitt“Those Menacing Invites” (published in Hobart)
David Sklar“Medusa Panties” (published in Cold Reads)
Katharyn Howd Machan — “Botany for Beginners” (3rd place winner of the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival Poetry Contest)


From the Body Farm Series by Kris Goto
From the Body Farm Series by Kris Goto
Hover by Todd Ford
Hover by Todd Ford
Encroach by Stacy Tompkins
Encroach by Stacy Tompkins
A Fall from Grace by Lauren Rinaldi
A Fall from Grace by Lauren Rinaldi
Alambre by Maria Ruiz
Alambre by Maria Ruiz
Skull by James Rosin
Skull by James Rosin
Lady of Gold by Jackson Zorn
Lady of Gold by Jackson Zorn
Stare by Gale Johnston
Stare by Gale Johnston
She Was a Flower by Courtney Kenny Porto
She Was a Flower by Courtney Kenny Porto
Walkin' After Midnight by Cameron Cox
Walkin’ After Midnight by Cameron Cox