• “The Mammoth” — Ideomancer (December 2013)

    “The Mammoth” — Ideomancer (December 2013)

    My story “The Mammoth” appeared on Ideomancer in December of 2013. First line: “The mammoth skeleton stands in the distance, barely visible below the drooping limbs of monstrous evergreens.” Inspiration: Set in a world populated with the skeletons of extinct animals, “The Mammoth” is about a father and daughter who take a camping trip together,…

  • Guest Post: Best Science Fiction Stories

    I’ve got a guest post up on Best Science Fiction Stories today, in which I review Kono Tensei’s “Triceratops.” Check it out here: http://bestsciencefictionstories.com/2013/06/25/triceratops-by-kono-tensei/