“Trickier with Each Translation” in Lightspeed: Queers Destroy Science Fiction!

Queers Destroy Science Fiction! is a special issue of Lightspeed; all the editors and writers who worked on the issue identify as queer. My superhero story “Trickier with Each Translation” is exclusive to the ebook/print edition, available to purchase at $3.99 ebook, $17.99 paperback. Buy it here!

Acceptance in Lightspeed Queer Issue + Publication in EscapePod

Two bits of great news to report.

First, my post-apocalyptic story “Blight” has appeared in EscapePod, the audio SF magazine. Read it here: http://escapepod.org/2015/03/17/ep486-blight/.

Second, my story “Trickier With Each Translation” was accepted for the Lightspeed: Queers Destroy Science Fiction special issue highlighting queer science fiction. I don’t normally announce acceptances here, but I’m really psyched. I love Lightspeed and I love what they’re doing with the Destruction Series. Here’s the rest of the awesome lineup.

To read my essay from their successful Kickstarter campaign on why queer representation in SFF is important to me, click here.

“He Came From a Place of Openness and Truth” at Lightspeed Magazine

My sci-fi story “He Came From a Place of Openness and Truth” is online for free reading today at Lightspeed! This story was inspired by one of my partner’s (kinda pornographic) dreams (fair warning: the story does therefore contain sexual content): http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/came-place-openness-truth/

First paragraph: “Mickey and I worked together at Hillman’s Horror House, and maybe the thrill of scaring people was what made me notice him. I’d never thought about another guy that way before, and so when I first got that electric jolt as his hand brushed mine in the changing room, I felt like I might puke. I went to the bathroom, where instead of throwing up I jacked off into the toilet.”

There’s also an interview up with the story, where I talk specifically about the inspiration behind it and the depiction of sexuality within the story and, also, why cats are superior to dogs: http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/nonfiction/uthor-spotlight-bonnie-jo-stufflebeam/

I’ve been a fan of Lightspeed! since I discovered it, and I’m psyched to have a story with them. To top things off, Galen Dara, one of my favorite artists, illustrated it. 😀

The story’s also available in ebook format. If you like it, please consider buying the issue or, even better, subscribing to Lightspeed!