• Strange Monsters Reviewed in Midwest Book Review

    Strange Monsters Reviewed in Midwest Book Review

    The second review for Strange Monsters is in from Midwest Book Review! Strange Monsters: A Music & Words Collaboration is a unique hybrid of audiobook anthology and music CD. Each track consists of a brief fiction story (or poem) set to contemporary jazz music and performed by actors. The tales meld elements of surreal fantasy…

  • “Sisters” in Grendelsong

    “Sisters” in Grendelsong

    I’ve always been interested in the little-explored pieces of the original Little Mermaid story: the lives of the sisters, the weird concept of souls, the sea witch’s back story. I wrote a story about all these things. Today it’s been reprinted online in Grendelsong: https://grendel-song.com/2016/05/07/sisters-bonnie-jo-stufflebeam/ “Sisters” originally appeared in SCHEHEREZADE BEQUEST.

  • “The Split” in Masters Review

    “The Split” in Masters Review

    In 2011 I moved to Eugene, Oregon, where I was alternately and sometimes simultaneously very happy and very sad. In Oregon I learned independence and grew into myself as a writer and as a person, but I missed my family in Texas terribly. In 2012 I wrote a story and used my experiences. “The Split”…

  • “The Centaur’s Daughter”

    “The Centaur’s Daughter”

    “The Centaur’s Daughter” (published in A Capella Zoo, 2015) was reviewed at New Pages: Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam’s “The Centaur’s Daughter” achieves a more nuanced approach to a queer text. First and foremost a coming of age narrative, Ruby’s queerness is one part of her character. Ruby is half centaur and queer, and Stufflebeam uses language reminiscent…

  • Two stories in Eleven Eleven

    Two stories in Eleven Eleven

    I’ve got two stories in the recent issue of Eleven Eleven: “Feeding the Skeleton Cats” and “Tornado Season.” I wrote “Tornado Season” during, well, tornado season, after obsessively checking the TorCon and worrying over the arrival of my storm shelter, after crouching in my hallway with a mattress pad over my head while tornado sirens…