“Sleeping with Spirits” on Mothership Zeta

My ghost sex story (yeah, you read that right) is up at Mothership Zeta. Read it for free here: http://mothershipzeta.org/2015/11/17/sleeping-with-spirits-by-bonnie-jo-stufflebeam/

From the editors:

“This story is not safe for work, children, or jealous lovers.

“You could say Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam’s story has sex but is not erotic. You could say it’s not safe for work but it’s not naughty. You could say a lot of things about this tale of love, intimacy, and then hangups lovers have over each other’s pasts. But what we loved about this fantasy story is that it shows you sex and love as they happen in real life. Awkward. Emotional. Tender. Confused. It feels so real – except for the spirits, naturally.”