• Interview on Speculative Fiction Showcase

    Interview on Speculative Fiction Showcase

    Speculative Fiction Showcase interviewed me on Strange Monsters, my writing soundtrack, and my influences here.

  • First review for Strange Monsters!

    First review for Strange Monsters!

    Strange Monsters has its first review, via Fantasy Literature: “Over melodies both slow and easy, and chaotic and exciting, a cast of actors reads five short stories and five poems by Stufflebeam. The resulting listening experience is fulfilling, funny, and ultimately haunting.” Read the full review here. For more info, and to purchase the album,…

  • Awards Eligibility 2015

    First, this post is late. I meant to write it sooner–I usually love reflecting back over the past year–but a death in my family slowed my writing to a terrible crawl. I’ve been avoiding much that I meant to do. But an email from Sunil Patel, an editor of Mothership Zeta, with whom I published…

  • Two stories in Eleven Eleven

    Two stories in Eleven Eleven

    I’ve got two stories in the recent issue of Eleven Eleven: “Feeding the Skeleton Cats” and “Tornado Season.” I wrote “Tornado Season” during, well, tornado season, after obsessively checking the TorCon and worrying over the arrival of my storm shelter, after crouching in my hallway with a mattress pad over my head while tornado sirens…

  • Short Story Recommendations at io9

    I’ve recommended three of my favorite summer 2015 short stories over at io9, with additional recommendations by K. Tempest Bradford, Charles Payseur, and Terry Weyna. Head on over there to check out which stories I chose. (One of them will make you look at pumpkins in a whole new, unsettling light.) http://io9.com/what-are-the-best-stories-of-the-year-so-far-septembe-1733798080