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I’m eligible for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction or Fantasy

This is my second and last year of Campbell Award eligibility. In the two years of my eligibility period, I’ve sold a total of 31 stories (woo hoo!). Here are some highlights: “The Wanderers” to Clarkesworld (February 2013) “The Siren” to Strange Horizons (April 2013) “They Come in Through the Walls,” originally in Expanded Horizons (May … Continue reading

“Sleepers” reprinted in Fantastic Stories

“Sleepers” reprinted in Fantastic Stories

My story “Sleepers,” which originally appeared in Interzone, has been reprinted in Fantastic Stories, which means it’s now free to read online: “The newscasters say that the sleepers came without warning, that one day they weren’t here and the next, they were. I don’t believe them. There must have been signs we were too … Continue reading