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I’m now eligible for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer!

I’m thrilled to note that I will be eligible for the Campbell Award for the next two years, starting this awards season 2014. In 2013, I sold three professional stories: “The Wanderers” to Clarkesworld (February 2013) “The Siren” to Strange Horizons (April 2013) “An Exodus of Wings” to Daily Science Fiction (May 2013) I also … Continue reading


Two new stories out, both online for free reading: “The Hoof Situation” and “The Foster Child”

My hooves came. Yesterday my feet cracked, and this morning they are beautiful hooves, with gold fur atop them. I stretch and wiggle them under the quilt my grandma sewed me. It’s time now for me to sew my granddaughter’s quilt. Behooved, it’ll be the only thing I’m capable of, confined to bed and the rocking chair, confined to wherever my daughter and granddaughter carry me. Continue reading