Where You Linger & Other Stories

Where You Linger is temporarily unavailable for purchase, as the publisher closed, but I’m working on making it available again! Stay tuned.

“Varied yet intricately connected by themes of memory and loss, these stories are as memorable as they are creative.”-Buzzfeed

“Her remarkable talent for crafting short fiction is on full display here, with stories that range from the dark and twisted to the outright strange. Fans of fiction writers such as Jeffery Ford and Kelly Link are sure to enjoy this dark collection.”-Booklist

“These extraordinary tales prove to be both spine-chilling and profound.”-Kirkus

“Although her characters journey through darkness and may be irrevocably flawed, they ultimately survive, and that is a triumph. So is Where You Linger.”-Locus, Paula Guran

“No collection has any business being this good, start to finish.”-Locus, Caren Gussoff Sumption

“It’s a fine end to a strong suite of stories, narratives that have much to say about the human condition and are intriguingly different from the usual genre fare, blurring the boundaries between SF and horror to the betterment of both.”-Black Static

the debut story collection from Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

Bones of extinct species wander a campground, stalking a group of friends in love with the same woman. The object of their affection seeks solace with a couple in a world with rain that kills. A woman moves away from her repressed home town, only to transform into a man-eating monster when she returns. A robot assassin avenges women ruined by capitalism.

Journey to the liminal space with acclaimed author Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam where interconnected stories span from past to future among the dead and the living.

“A welcome entry to a flourishing tradition of fabulist short fiction in the vein of Kelly Link and Aimee Bender.”

—Sequoia Nagamatsu, How High We Go in the Dark 

“Heartbreakingly haunting, Where You Linger is Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam’s testament to the ghost of the relationships that never quite leave you.”

—Jordan Kurella, I Never Liked You Anyway

“Stufflebeam’s voice is an undaunted guide in a wilderness of whispering bones and lingering dreams that will not release the visitor. Do not turn away from this journey.”

—Andrew S. Fuller, Editor, Three-Lobed Burning Eye magazine

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“For Stufflebeam, science fiction and literary fantasy allow a writer to tap into the zeitgeist for both subjects and characters. Where You Linger presents a cast of mostly female characters, with LGBTQ characters appearing as a native part of the fictional landscape.”-Interview with The Denton-Record Chronicle

“I think one of the major themes is relationships — and the complexities that arise when people strive to find connection. It’s also about ghosts, both literal and figurative, and how the past haunts us.”-Interview with Paul Semel

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