Music-Words Collaboration
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 Strange Monsters is a music and words collaboration of imaginative fiction and poetry set to contemporary jazz. In Strange Monster‘s six audio fictions, women challenge what’s expected and find their voices in unexpected places.

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Featured Shorts

Dead roses“In the City of Martyrs”The Toast, audio version on LeVar Burton Reads!

In a country forever at war, Yakov sells dead flower arrangements to the bereaved. When he recognizes a woman from the royal family in the city center despite never having met her, he is exposed to a truth that hits too close to home.

Mars, Land, Planet, Cosmos, Stars, Infinity“Every Song Must End”Uncanny

When Florence and Asher decided to pursue nonmonogamy, Florence didn’t expect to fall so quickly for her new partner Henry. Polyamory proves a source of renewal for Florence, until Henry’s wife gets a job that forces the two to move to Mars.

7546650728_ef8d343b5f_k-1024x686.jpg“The Damaged”Story, originally in Interzone

Robin works the company that makes PlayMatez companion bots, and in her off-hours she dissects the damaged ones to see what makes them malfunction. Until she’s tricked by one of the bots she brings home.

Armor, Weapon, Medieval, Knight

“The Crow Knight”Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Ser Maerwynn is the best friend and trusted knight of the Lady Loreen. The two are bound by a black crow whose presence in their lives causes periods of intense anxiety. When Ser Wynn ventures into the woods to seek a weapon that will slay the crow, she uncovers the kingdom’s secrets–past, present, and future.

WanderersStufflebeam“The Wanderers”Clarkesworld

Four sadistic aliens come to take over Earth, only to discover that they are completely alone.

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