“An Exodus of Wings” — Daily Science Fiction (May 2013)

My story “An Exodus of Wings” appeared on Daily Science Fiction in May of 2013.


First line: “Before Heidi came along, Michael did everything he could to keep the damn faeries out of his apartment.”

Inspiration: When I moved back to Denton, Texas, from Eugene, Oregon — where I lived for two years — I was reintroduced to one of Texas’ finer pests: the roach. Our new duplex apartment was teeming with them; it wasn’t all bad, however, because after we dealt with the problem, I wrote the short story “An Exodus of Wings” in which faeries are the pests. I wrote the story over the course of a day in a spiral notebook.

Read it for free: http://dailysciencefiction.com/fantasy/fantasy/bonnie-jo-stufflebeam/an-exodus-of-wings

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