Art & Words Show Success

The third annual Art & Words Show Reception, which I created and now coordinate, took place on Saturday, September 27, 2014, with the written and visual work from 13 writers and 13 artists. Each artist created a painting or sculpture in response to a story or poem. Each writer created a new story or poem in response to a visual work. This silent collaboration culminated in 52 original works of art & words, which will be on display until October 4 at Art on the Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas. (With enough interest, Art on the Boulevard may extend the show one week.)

For rights’ sake, we can’t show you all of the written work, but to view the visual works from the show and read the work that was previously published online, take a look at the public PDF document: Art & Words 2014 — public document. It also has links to the writers’ websites.


At the reception, a live jazz band (Peter Brewer, Jake Dester, and Bruce Bond) also performed three literary-written collaborative compositions. It was a great night.


For more pictures from the event, visit my Facebook album:

For information on how to submit to next year’s show, visit the Art & Words page of this site:


Art & Words News

We’re about two months away from the Art & Words Show in September! Here’s some news from the writers and artists who will be participating in the show, and we hope to see you on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at Art on the Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas.

(For more information about the Art & Words Show, including next year’s submission guidelines, click here.)

Ghost Story by James Rosin
Ghost Story by James Rosin, one of the visual works on display at this year’s show


  • Painter Maria Ruiz recently became a member of the Texas Artists Coalition; three of her pieces are on their site. She was also awarded Special Recognition for one of her pieces in an art competition Botanicals Art Exhibition. Now her work is also part of their online gallery: Light Time and Space.
  • Poet Janet St. John had a poem published in the Summer 2014 issue of After Hours Magazine. The poem is called “Meditation on a Train: An Exercise for the Chakras.” See:
    She also just completed final revisions on her first novel, which she is going to try seeking representation for very soon.

Art & Words in Poets & Writers

There’s an article in the March/April Poets & Writers Magazine about my Art & Words Show; they interviewed me for the article and put it the mention together as part of their News and Trends section. Check it out:!

Submissions for the show open March 1st. I receive a lot of fiction but am always in need of more poetry, so if please pass the word on to any poets you may know.