Art & Words in Poets & Writers

There’s an article in the March/April Poets & Writers Magazine about my Art & Words Show; they interviewed me for the article and put it the mention together as part of their News and Trends section. Check it out:!

Submissions for the show open March 1st. I receive a lot of fiction but am always in need of more poetry, so if please pass the word on to any poets you may know.

6 thoughts on “Art & Words in Poets & Writers

  1. Yep, that’s why I’m here…I read about your ‘arts & words’ in Poets & Writers! Great idea. 🙂
    I especially like the prospect of choosing an original piece of artwork to be inspired by as a writing prompt and then if someone chose my piece, seeing how a visual artist would interpret it…
    I’m mulling it over…Hmmm….March 1st is just around the corner…

  2. maxmelig

    What an awesome article, Bonnie! I hope you get lots of wonderful submissions. I posted a comment on the article about how much fun this is!

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